We know something important about your business

Whether you’re the owner-operator of a small- to- medium-sized business, or the founder of a just-funded startup…

…whether you have some employees, or you’re thinking about hiring your first…

…whether you have several brick-and-mortar locations, or you’re exclusively online….

Wherever your business might be at this moment, we knowfor a factthat at some point you’re going to come face-to-face with one particularly problematic predicament. So problematic, in fact, that the normally-sedate academics who study business failures often describe it as a crisis.

We call it the “too many hats, only one head” problem.

If you’re already there, you know exactly what we’re talking about.
Every business gets to this stage. It’s perfectly normal and a good sign.  You’re not alone.

If the problem doesn’t make sense now, keep reading to find out why it will sooner or later.

You don’t want a looming crisis – your life is hard enough

As your business increases in complexity, you’ll be pulled in many different directions. Think of each as wearing a different hat.  Some of these “hats” will fit better than others.

Addressing customer complaints = wearing your Customer Service Manager hat.

Fixing service delivery problems = wearing your Operations Manager hat.

Solving business finance troubles = wearing your Chief Financial Officer hat.

According to survey, 81% of small business owners said they handle their own finances even though 44% consider themselves financially illiterate.1

Regardless of how well any given hat might fit, there’s still the fact that one head can wear only one hat at a time.

A business will grow until the owner-operator (or the startup team) is pulled in so many different directions that hats start dropping and the business starts breaking.

Too many hats, only one head leads to a crisis.

It’s the entrepreneurial crisis that every owner-operated business eventually faces.

So when you find yourself wanting to…

  • Grow
  • Operate better, especially in highly uncertain conditions
  • Enhance innovation

…but aren’t able to, you’re either in or getting close to your crisis.

Your critical task right now is to manage the next growth phase in the evolution of your business.

In the beginning, you’re figuring things out on the fly and everyone is wearing many hats. You get to a point when you need to start bringing in some process and organizational discipline. As the CEO, you need to realize you can’t do everything yourself anymore.
—Michael Dublin, founder, Dollar Shave Club

Two heads are better than one

Are you among the 73% of small business owners2 who need occasional or ongoing financial expertise, advice, or mentorship?

Hire us and we’ll help you to adapt, evolve, and overcome the “too many hats, only one head” problem.

As a fractional CFO practice, we provide you with the tools, systems, processes, and personnel to help you expertly manage your business finances in a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go manner.

Are you growing in a way that seems out of control?
Let’s map your business systems and processes, improve them, and put it all down in writing. Documenting the steps that get results makes it easier to scale.
Do you want less stress about the financial health of your company?
Let’s determine where you are, and think through where you want to be. Clarity of purpose, of objectives, of strategy can help you move confidently toward your goals.
Are you able to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise?
Let’s assess the amount, timing, and uncertainty of your future cash flows. Proper planning prevents pitfalls, and tells you how much money you’ll have to spend and when.
Do you need a better way to understand the implications of business decisions?
Let’s conduct a thorough what-if analysis. Knowing your options and their consequences, especially the unintended ones, helps you make better choices..
Are you getting the answers you need to your questions, concerns, and uncertainties?
Let’s set aside some time to talk regularly, preferably away from your office. A business and professional sounding board can reduce anxiety.
Do you want to personally exit your business but don’t know how to get ready?
Let’s craft an exit strategy that considers your personal goals, the available options, and the tripwires you’ll likely face. A well-designed and monitored plan helps make a smooth transition.

The Consultive CFO difference

While any fractional or part-time CFO worth their salt can provide these services, their underlying approaches neglect the intra-personal issues most important to the owner-operators of small- and medium-sized businesses.

We blend financial expertise, executive mentoring, trusted advice, and deeply empathetic listening.

Your Consultive CFO will…

Listen non-judgmentally to your ideas, dreams, and concerns—including those pesky fears, uncertainties, and doubts—about your business finances.
Clearly see your vision for the business and how it’s fitting into your unique lifestyle.
Help you interpret the story going on behind the accounting numbers.

Can you imagine how it might feel having an experienced financial executive supporting both you and your business?

Others have, and here’s how they felt after we did our thing:

Your support through our endeavors has been immeasurable.” —Beth Thomas

I feel better — and less afraid of — making decisions about my business.”—Daniel Kusner

“I especially thank you for being the voice of reason when I needed it the most.” —Buttons Pham

“You presented tools I can easily implement.” —Ann Fields

“Your reminder saved us $1,100 and we couldn’t be happier.” —Christopher Locke

I was nervous about anything involving math but you really made it so interesting.” —Leslie Pierce

We can help you, too, and here’s how.